Founded 35 years ago, LANCER is located in the beautiful Wine city of Nashik, India. Our early clients were restaurateurs and hoteliers. It is this market that we have targeted since.

Lancer, with its vast experience in the field of reinforced polymer has opened up pandora’s box. With the help of our zealous technicians and a bit of magic, architects and designers can now let their imagination go wild. Our expertise lies in recreating almost every material used by the marine and construction industries while using GFRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer) to replicate surface finishes and textures such as, sandstone, flamed granite, rock, wooden cornices, planks, tree bark and almost any ‘finish’ one can think of. Renowned in the field of composites, landscaping, outdoor / indoor living spaces, we believe in creating delightful environments.

Lancer also embraces a DIY (Do It Yourself) culture. Our products are therefore designed for domestic and overseas market.




General Specifications

General Specification of Nardo Qartz, Structural & Cladding Material

Nardo Qartz being light in weight and structurally very strong needs very little metal frame work for installation. Due to its high strength and less weight, use of much larger size panels is possible.

1) Ultra Violet Stability : Nardo Qartz is made out of Ultra Violet stabilized glass fiber reinforced polyester with fire retardant, capable of with standing temperatures of -40°C to +75°C vacuum assisted infusion molded. Structural members can be made by using sections in various forms with variants of glass fiber continuous or woven roving and polyester honey comb to give added stability. The surface finish is Quartz Crystals or pulverised Sandstone.

2) Paint : No paint is used as the surface finish is Quartz or pulverised

Sandstone. A Protective coating of aliphatic grade 2K polyurethane scratch resistant automotive paint with capacity to withstand -40°C to +75°C is used.

3) Anchoring : Castlerock is installed in similar fashion as any dry cladding material like granite and sandstone or with stainless steel dowels. This can also be install in the same manner as aluminum composite polymer

These Castlerock Panels and sections are developed to meet international standards and to withstand extreme temperature of North Canada, Alaska and High temperature places like Arizona, Nevada and Middle Eastern Asian countries. These are also designed to withstand High wind pressures of coastal states like Florida and North pacific coastal cities.


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