Garden Bench SAVANNAH

Manufactured from ‘Marine Grade’ fiberglass composite, the seat, back rest and arm rest are created using a realistic wood grain finish, that is the scratch free. This is done to bring about a sense of warmth and comfort for its user. On the other hand, the legs and arm supports are of cast aluminium which contributes to the rigidity and strength of the bench. This makes the ‘Savannah’ garden bench ideal for any outdoor environment

Bar Counter, COROLLA

The ‘Corolla’ bar counter is manufactured using a patented method and technology to recreate surface finishes such as stack stone and tree bark. This essentially gives it its rustic look and feel. The counter comes with a double door cabinet providing ample space for storage, as well as an inserted shelf and collapsible platform that can be removed and used by the bartender while serving drinks.

Outdoor Sofa, BEAUFORT

The ‘Beaufort’ sofa set is Caribbean in style and aesthetic. Manufactured using ‘Marine Grade’ fiberglass, these lounge-like chairs are designed to be rugged yet simple and contemporary. The hollow side panels provide excellent ventilation to its user, making it extremely comfortable to sit over longer periods of time. The furniture comes equipped with UV stabilized and easy to clean upholstery making it immensely user and outdoor friendly. 

Outdoor Sofa, Montego

Montego seating series, designed in Caribbean style and made of highest quality marine grade composite, a rare combination of ruggedness and beauty. Place these in any location and they will compliment the setting in addition to providing comfort and style. Available in Mahogany, Wenge, Old Walnut, Stained Teak and Antique Oak.

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